Friday, December 30, 2011

Really, Kansas?

So, the bills for defending anti-abortion legislation in Kansas are in:  $476,000 for the year.  Redistributing the people's tax dollars to lawyers across the Kansas City metro area.  Great.

Bear in mind, none of this money went to help even one woman keep her child.  No money to help a woman who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant pay for pre-natal care or baby needs.  No money went to assure parents of babies to be born with disabilities that maybe, just maybe, having the child will not devastate their family financially and make them unable to care for their other children.  No money from that went to help any woman get appropriate, non-abortion-causing contraception.  No money went to provide better lighting in public places or anti-rape efforts (and yes, the legislation they are defending does require women to "prepare" for the possibility of pregnancy due to rape).

Just once, I would like to see this whole freaking country and culture with all its warped values try to make a good, hospitable world into which babies can be born; a culture that supports child-bearing and child-caring, instead of devoting money and resources and time to making abortion illegal while also making pregnancy more difficult.


(yes, yes, in the grand scheme of a state budget this is like a penny of money, but still. Also, this is only a little less than the money that the legislature DID vote to give the Kansas Arts Commission, but that Brownback vetoed.  If this is such a tiny amount of money to defend bad legislation, then it's also a tiny amount of money to give the arts!)

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