Friday, October 7, 2011

Odds and Ends

Some addendums that didn't fit into my previous ramble:

Topeka has decided to decriminalize domestic violence.  Yes, you read that right.

Shawnee County not prosecuting domestic batteries  (this is probably the least inflammatory article on the web, on this topic.  Feel free to supply your own outrage.  this will earn its own post in the near future.  Of all the possibilities for decriminalizing....fuck.)

As much as I am in sympathy with and support the Occupy Wall Street movement, as much as it's great to see people in the streets protesting for our rights, going against the bankers (stand-ins for everyone who has lived for profit at the expense of the rest of us), we have to remember that all social movements in America bear the scars of our racist past and present.  Rebel Diaz, a hip-hop collective whose work I admire, wrote a very thought provoking response which you can read here about their experience of casual racism on the ground in New York, and their observations on the lack of participants from the Bronx and other more severely impoverished communities.

Yesterday I participated in the zombie walk in Lawrence.  It was crazy.  Look for anarcho-zombie musings in the future!

~Love, peace, and newborns to all.

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