Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Rapid but Silent Decimation of the Kansas E/Quality of Life

Ok, all Kansans should read this.

A poetic statement running through our recent, significant losses here in Kansas. The only thing I would add to it, is, "Then they came for children, and said that as long as all children received equally bad educations in public schools, (see Amendment would remove "suitable" in funding law), we fulfill enough of our responsibility to make it look like we care--if kids were really valuable, their parents would be wealthy enough to send them to private schools." 

The fact that most of these don't affect  me, a white, middle-class, employed, hetero-married female, does not for a minute change my outrage.  That is what this administration is counting on--that those of us in positions of comfort are silent, and also the idea that if we don't have the direct line-item-veto power we don't matter.  

I wish I knew a better way for us to matter.

In Latin Americathey developed the cacerolada, where people get out their kitchen pots and pans and beat on them in a public space as a form of protest.  It creates a huge amount of noise and depends on cheap and easily available materials, and makes the area virtually unbearable. If you YouTube it be prepared for LOTS of NOISE. Anyone up for bringing the carcerolada to Topeka?

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